Yesterday, in line with a week’s earlier ‘opinion‘ issued by the State Council, a group of  Chinese political advisors reached the conclusion that the government should support the market for micro and small-sized enterprises (MSEs).

This conclusion came forth during a seminar presided by Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee. The seminar was attended by experts as well as regulatory officials from financial, industrial and intellectual property protection ministries and agencies. The attendees discussed how to boost technical innovation amongst (MSEs).

According to the participants the development of MSEs mainly depends on the market and the government’s task is to build the market. Many suggestions on how to do this were fairly straight-forward: tax policy, easier to protect IP, encourage venture capital investment.

But more interestingly they also suggested to set up some kind of trial-and-error system for MSEs. This could still mean many things,  but might indicate trial semi-commercial projects only accessible for MSEs.

These seminars, like the one of last Thursday, are held bi-monthly and are used by top political advisors to discuss major issues with industry and academic experts, and officials.

Source: Xinhua

Featured Image (cropped): Xinhua/Wang Ye