The Datenna platform tracks more than €30 billion of Chinese academic funding

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Insight in the Chinese innovation landscape

The academic research world in China is closely interlinked with private R&D activities. New innovations often start at universities and key laboratories. What research is your Chinese competition commencing? Are your R&D and investment strategy aligned with the current state of the art? Science research in China is booming (NGC, 2019), and will continue to grow rapidly (SCMP, 2019). You can use the Datenna platform to find trends in the Chinese innovation landscape, and locate the innovation hotspots for your market.

China academic funding research

Find your next customer in China

Boost your sales by tapping into an enormous pool of potential new customers: China’s science funding receivers. With our platform you get direct insight in the relevant researchers in China that are working in your field and need your products for their research. Find out who is going to get funded, to help your customers allocate budget for your equipment. Quickly identify and tag the sales prospects that best match your product by exploring interlinked data about research projects, institutions and researchers.

At the tip of your fingers

Written reports with static information can no longer compete in the age of data explosion. On-demand innovation intelligence has become a necessity. With Datenna you get instant access to crucial data on hundreds of thousands of funded research projects using our online SaaS platform. Powered by artificial intelligence and our China expertise we constantly collect, categorize and translate Chinese academic funding data. Cut weeks from your market research and save money and time. Act on data, while it’s fresh!

The Datenna Platform

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