Published on: Sept 4, 2018

Chipset released for high-speed visible light communication

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China has developed a commercial-grade high-speed visible light communication chipset.

Visible light communication utilizes LED to transmit high-rate data. The ultimate goal is to make “where there is LED, there is wireless communication” happen.

It is reported that the highest rate of the visible light communication chipset can be as high as Gbps.

The chipset was collaboratively developed by the visible light communication team of National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological R&D Center (NDSC), Dongguan Xinda Institute of Integrated Innovation, information technology innovation center of Binhai New Area and Chongqing Hi-tech Zone.

It is expected to provide eco-friendly, ubiquitous and cheap access for 5G mobile communication in indoor environments, as well as supporting intelligent family service based on virtual reality (VR), high-speed digital system, and underwater high-speed wireless information networks.

Wu Jiangxing, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the innovation of the visible light communication commercial-grade chipset would push forward the development of the visible light communication industry and application market.

Source: Xinhua