Published on: Sept 14, 2018

High precision gravity solutions developed for groundwater monitoring

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Chinese researchers have developed high-precision temporal gravity field solutions to monitor groundwater.

Researchers from the Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have independently developed the software with gravity field inversion and satellite gravity applications.

The software is secured by intellectual property rights.

The satellite gravity survey, having broad applications in hydrology and climate change studies, such as groundwater monitoring, is used to measure the Earth’s gravity field and its changes.

The survey is conducted by two satellites more than 400 km above the Earth’s surface, with the satellites being over 200 km apart.

Due to gravity field changes caused by the Earth’s surface, mass transport and redistribution, the distance between the two gravity satellites changes.

By measuring distance changes between the two gravity satellites, researchers can estimate the Earth’s gravity field changes and surface mass variations.

Source: Xinhua