Python Back-end developer (medior / senior)


At Datenna, we build tools to create better information flows between China and the rest of the world. Our goal is to create transparency and deliver the world’s best intelligence platforms on industry and innovation data in China.

Are you a back-end developer who is into data and clean code? Do you want to grow in an intelligent and cozy team? We are looking for a back-end developer who uses modern techniques to make large amounts of Chinese data streams accessible for our front-end application. Interested? Read on quick.

We are Datenna. The most unknown world-famous Dutch data intelligence company. At Datenna, we build tools to create better information flows between China and the rest of the world. Our goal is to create transparency and deliver the world’s best intelligence platforms on industry and innovation data in China.


This is why you want to work at Datenna

You will work on modern code with modern techniques

Datenna is a high-tech company. You work with a lot of exposure to multiple aspects. Not just on a small part of the whole. We do not use legacy code bases, but only modern code, techniques and tools. You give our company maximum clout and flexibility by writing clean, modular code. Easy to maintain and evolve. This allows us to respond quickly to the wishes of our customers and new opportunities in the market. Which allows us to quickly add new features to our platforms.

You will have impact on our system and users

As a back-end developer, you help to make the large amounts of data we collect accessible to the front-end application. You ensure that the system responds quickly and that the users have an error- free and effortless experience when using our system. This way you give our users the maximum amount of information at their disposal, which is used when making critical decisions with a lot of impact. This prevents potential wrong decisions and allows them to find the information they need much faster. This way you immediately have a strong, visible link of what your work means for our customers.

Oh, and youll have impact on international media too. Our data and insights are so unique. We were in the spotlight of, among others, Wall Street Journal and recently CNBC, Reuters and FD.

You will work in an open culture

Your work environment is surrounded by nice people who are driven and intelligent with a focus on growth. Both technically and in general. You have many varied tasks and a lot of input into how the development team is shaped. At the function level you will be part of a small team of core back-end developers who work on our production APIs/microservices and the underlying supporting libraries. You work with the Tech Lead of the team, who guides you on technical content and helps you grow. You will also work in one of the “cross-functional” product teams using the Agile Scrum methodology, together with colleagues with other specializations such as front-end developers, data scientists and engineers, China experts and business developers. Together you work towards the best possible product for our customers.

Our SaaS Platform


These are your main tasks

  • (Co-) developing modern and clean microservices in Python, based on our generic microservice skeleton project.
  • Helping to design improved versions of our clean, modern, modular, robust and safe system architecture.
  • Implementing components of our data processing and/or storage systems, under guidance of our data engineers.
  • Closely collaborating with our China (domain) experts and business development.
  • Mentoring junior team members and transferring your knowledge and skills to them.

This is what you bring

  • A passion for developing clean, high-quality software.
  • You have elaborate knowledge of software design patterns and when and how to apply them for the best possible system architecture.
  • You have an interest in Data Science & Engineering and have enough experience to be able to interface with the corresponding components of our system.
  • You are continuously learning about relevant new tools, technologies and methodologies which can make you a better developer.
  • You are able to meet deadlines without compromising core software/code quality. You adhere to high standards whilst also taking into account the (human/technical) resources that are available.
  • You actively contribute your experience and opinions to help continuously improve our development processes, tools/stacks and methodologies.


  • At least 3 years experience in developing with Python.
  • Experience with modern web technologies/stacks (especially RESTful APIs and Microservice architectures), SQL databases, Django and common development tools like Git and Docker.
  • Optional (not required): experience with Test-Driven Development, ElasticSearch, Django REST framework, Graph databases and/or Kubernetes.

This is what we have to offer you

  • Appropriate financial offer.
  • MacBook, Windows or Linux laptop, depending on your preference.
  • Team of passionate and talented colleagues.
  • Unique challenges arising from the fragmentary nature of our data.
  • Involvement in many aspects of the business, such as business development, marketing and customer satisfaction.
  • Regular internal presentations where knowledge, challenges and successes are shared.
  • Nice and cozy working environment right in the centre of Eindhoven, with snacks and good coffee from a professional Italian espresso machine and weekly Thursday afternoon drinks.

So, challenger…

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