Business Strategy

Growth is determined by the markets you choose to compete in. Datenna identifies the industries that are growing so you can position your organisation accordingly. Where are the smartest, most innovative investors and corporations placing their bets? Decide on a forward business strategy based on data-driven information.

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Drive Growth

Business Strategy is the process that is used to identify, nurture and acquire new clients and business opportunities that drive growth and profitability. Developing a successful business strategy in China can be challenging because of the lack of sufficient data. Facing this challenge we developed our industry data platform that helps you drive growth. 

Advance your organisation

As the world’s leading provider for science, innovation and industry data on China, we offer unique data and proficiency through tailor-made services. Utilize our services and data solutions to base your most important decisions on. With a combination of  state-of-the-art technology and data-driven consultancy we help advance your business in China to the next level.

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Use Datenna's services to:

  • Research new markets and regions
  • Create business strategies based on facts
  • Analyse existing customers and identify new opportunities
  • Track competitors and investments in your industry
  • Locate potential acquisition targets