Lead Data Platform Engineer (medior/senior)

Want to work at an innovative, young yet world famous data & software company? Datenna brings mission-critical insights to customers around the world by collecting & analysing vast quantities of data and identifying patterns and connections within that data.

Are you ready to take ownership of the design and implementation of our data storage and processing infrastructure? Will you bring our data platform to the next level and empower our customers? Then we’d want to talk to you!  

Apply by sending your resume to  hr@datenna.com!

The role you’ll play

As Lead Data Platform Engineer at Datenna, you facilitate levelling up many aspects of our business. You will empower clients with more insights from better data. You will make your Data Scientist colleagues smile by giving them even better tools. As the saying goes, garbage in = garbage out, and we’re mining for gold! 

You will ensure that the data is acquired can be utilised to the fullest by various stakeholders. This includes our end-user application, but also our Data Scientists, marketing etc. You lead the design and construction of a modern, scalable evolved data processing and storage infrastructure that fits our requirements like a glove. 

At Datenna, we develop high-quality code using modern tools, technologies and methodologies. You will design a modular infrastructure, hand off parts of its implementation to colleagues but also do a lot of hands-on coding yourself. You do take not only technical but also Human Resources into account and take a pragmatic, iterative approach to reach (y)our goals. 

This is a core, technology focused role which also requires strong communication skills and planning. 

Your main tasks

  • Developing a modern and scalable data processing pipeline. This includes designing, building, optimising, scaling and maintaining it. You will implement some components yourself and delegate others to colleagues. 
  • Picking and deploying the appropriate data storage systems for our various requirements. You utilise the strengths of the various types of systems (SQL, NoSQL, key-value stores, document stores, graph databases, etc) to realise the best possible solution. 
  • Facilitating data acquisition and ingestion
  • Closely collaborating with machine learning experts, data scientists and business developers, which each have their own requirements.  

What you bring to the table

  • You have a solid foundation in Software Engineering/Computer Science. 
  • You have professional experience with building scalable data processing pipelines.
  • You have extensive knowledge of the various types of data storage systems available, together with their strenghts and weaknesses, and are able to optimally utilise them to achieve the best possible overall system architecture.
  • You keep up-to-date with relevant new tools and technologies within the field of Data Engineering/Big Data as they emerge. 
  • You meet deadlines without compromising core software/code quality.
  • You adhere to high standards whilst also taking into account the (human/technical) resources that are available. 
  • You actively contribute your experience and opinions to help continuously improve our development processes, tools/stacks and methodologies.
  • Several years of professional experience with Python. 
  • Experience with common development tools like Git and Docker. 

What we offer

  • A team of highly passionate and talented colleagues. 
  • A core position in a fast-growing, highly innovative company.
  • Exposure to many other interesting aspects of the company: business development, marketing, customer satisfaction, etc. 
  • A fitting compensation based on your experience. 
  • Last but not least: help build something world famous: WSJ