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Datenna’s platform is worldwide the leading economic intelligence on the Chinese industry and innovation landscape.



With Datenna’s investment-screening software it becomes easy to successfully screen any incoming Chinese investment and discover hidden unwanted government or military links.

When screening incoming investments it is vital to know who the investor is, and which  entities are involved in their ownership and decision-making. In order to perform an accurate Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) analysis all relevant stakeholders within a company have to be laid out. Obtaining detailed information is the only way to identify all opportunities and potential risks that a foreign investment could bring along. Governmental and military influence easily goes unnoticed, given that in Chinese firms these can often conceal their ownership through many layers of ownership.

Missing out on just one layer can already keep the investigator from pinpointing the real UBO and other relevant stakeholders. This can create a potential risk to strategic and sensitive assets and cause unwanted technology transfer. Datenna’s OSINT platform provides full insights into ownership structures, shareholders, investments, and more. No longer will identifying the real UBO of a Chinese entity be difficult nor long-lasting.  The screening of investments and identification of a company’s main shareholders will become a transparent and quick process.

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Identify the best Chinese investors and partners while averting unwanted risks, while attracting safe investments with Datenna’s extensive dataset on Chinese companies.

Datenna’s OSINT platform maps out all companies active in China, and facilitates the process of looking for a potential investment partner. In the process of attracting new investments into a country or region, and hosting new investors, it is important to know who these potential investors are and who their UBO is. Yet the investigation into finding all the companies’ details can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Datenna’s OSINT platform serves as a useful and quick tool to conduct in-depth due diligence on potential investors. The platform includes datapoints on ownership structures, shareholders, investments, and other important factors, providing the necessary full picture of the investor. In this way, the right investments can be attracted, while potential unwanted risks are averted.

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Be aware of any kind of risks that any cooperation with a Chinese business partner could bring along and carry out a quick but detailed investigation to start safe and fruitful business relations.

With recent reinforcement of export control and investment screening frameworks, it has become increasingly important to carry out thorough research due diligence on the Chinese partner. Yet, to obtain an accurate picture of a Chinese end-user can be a complex process due to a recurring lack of transparency in Chinese company data. This has created risks for enterprises across all major industries.

Datenna’s OSINT platform provides accurate and extensive information on commercial and academic entities in China. The extensive data on an entity’s ownership structure, branches, staff, investments, and more, assist the user in carrying out detailed research and comply with all rules and restrictions while simultaneously establishing safe business relations.

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Shareholder Structures

Our users can instantly comprehend intricated ownership structures of Chinese companies. Often consisting of several different layers, ownership structures can hide the influence of hundreds of additional entities. With our interactive and user-friendly platform, these complex shareholder structures are traced out with just one click.

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