Export control

If you want to be successful in international trade, compliance with the applicable regulations and restrictions is essential. Datenna’s data platform offers reduced risk and helps optimizing your export control processes in China.

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Fast export checks

China is not a member of  the Australia Group, the Missile Technology Control Regime or the Wassenaar Arrangement. Manually checking customers against these lists and other regulations can be time-consuming because information is only limited available. With our data we give insight in the activities, products, technology and investors of Chinese companies. Increase the speed and accuracy at which export can be verified by utilizing our unique data services.

Comply with regulation

Likewise, the Chinese government also maintains lists of items that are controlled for export. Military items are detailed on the Administrative List of Export of Military Products, which identifies specific military goods controlled for export. Dual Use-Items are detailed in the Index of Management of Import and Export Permits of Dual-Use Items and Technologies, which also covers nuclear, biological, chemical, and missile-related dual-use goods.

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Advance your organisation

With Datenna Export Control you can verify with every business transaction if the goods you aim to ship to China comply with regulations and licensing obligations. Economize your workflow and shorten the time spent on verifying every transaction with legislation and long due diligence. Contact us for a tailored integration with your specific requirements.

What we can offer your organisation?

Instant insight in dual-use risks of counterparty

Seamless and quick export control process

Fast and accurate identification of beneficiaries

Instant mapping of multi-layered holding structures

Tailor-made services adjusted for your preferences

China-EU FDI Radar

To display the capacity of our CUBO database, Datenna has created an ongoing research initiative investigating Chinese state-influenced acquisitions in the EU. The aim is to provide greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe and the links with the Chinese government. It currently covers the period from 2010 to the present. Our findings are displayed on an interactive map.

The map utilizes our CUBO database to establish the degree of governmental influence in the acquiring company. It will be continuously updated.