Export control

It is extremely difficult for governments to conduct proper risk analyses on Chinese end users wanting to import strategic goods. Datenna’s data-driven intelligence platform aids in optimising export control processes and reduces the risk of misuse.

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Importance of export control

Export controls are intended to protect a country’s economic interest and national security. Typically, ministries are responsible for performing risk analyses of strategic goods exports. The most important and greatest concern of these analyses is the risk the end user carries. When the risk of misuse is deemed too significant, an export cannot be granted.

Worldwide, countries are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of export controls. In order to facilitate safe trade and healthy international relations, export controls are crucial. 

Why China is different

When looking at China, export controls are of an even greater importance. Since the country has been marked with an arms embargo, there is a larger suspicion that strategic goods may be misused. However, ministries struggle with properly screening Chinese end users, because they only have limited information available.

Ministries cannot facilitate safe trade without screening exports properly. This is why Datenna developed a data platform to optimise export control processes and to reduce the risk of misuse of Chinese end users.

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Our solution

We designed a data-driven intelligence platform for governments that simplifies the screening process of Chinese end users. Our database maps out all registered companies’ activities, patent issuing, tenders, research and more.

Additionally, the platform’s infographic interface makes it easy to understand the vast amount of data that is being provided and allows for convenient export functionalities. By using our export control platform, users will be equipped to obtain the full picture of Chinese end users and be able to perform better risk analyses.

What we can offer your organisation?

Instant insight into risk of misuse of end user

Seamless and quick export control process

Fast and accurate identification of beneficiaries

Instant mapping of multi-layered ownership structures

Tailor-made services adjusted for your preferences

China-EU FDI Radar

To display the capacity of our CUBO database, Datenna has created an ongoing research initiative investigating Chinese state-influenced acquisitions in the EU. The aim is to provide greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe and the links with the Chinese government. It currently covers the period from 2010 to the present. Our findings are displayed on an interactive map.

The map utilizes our CUBO database to establish the degree of governmental influence in the acquiring company. It will be continuously updated.