Industry Analysis

The number of enterprises in China is still growing. The country has become a critical player on the world stage. As a professional, acquiring information about these companies can prove challenging. During mergers & acquisitions, setting up joint-ventures, or making an investment, proper due diligence has to be done. We provide solutions to solve your data needs.

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An extensive database

High quality data is necessary to make informed business decisions. Industry data on China  is scarce. It is pivotal for companies to be well-informed. With our unique CUBO database and industry expertise, Datenna offers a solution for industry analysis and company due diligence. With data on more than 35 million companies, we provide you with unique industry insights. All companies are included, ranging from entities such as stock-listed companies, foreign Joint Ventures, Chinese limited liability companies (LLCs), state-owned-enterprises and government-backed investment funds.

Be informed

Our database provides detailed information which can be used for a variety of activities. The company profiles have complete registration data, ownership structure, management staff names, data on legal cases, penalties, certificates and various R&D grants. Whether you want to research a business partner or a competitor, the information is now within reach.

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Expertise and Knowledge

Our team of China experts and data scientists are constantly improving our product, data and services. The company’s CEO lived in China for 12 years. In that period, he started working on mapping the Chinese industry. Combining the expertise of our team and AI-driven platform, Datenna has become the world’s leading provider for science, innovation and industry data on China.