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Chip designers link up on drives

Two leading Chinese chip designers, Loongson Technology and Hunan Goke joined forces on Monday to boost the homegrown semiconductor industry’s competence in controllers for solid…

Hydrogen fuel test plane completes flights

An unmanned aircraft powered by hydrogen fuel finished 10 test flights recently, a concrete step by its developer the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China in…

Datenna obtains EU funding for NLP

Last year Datenna successfully pitched a cross-border EU research project in which it is responsible for the natural language processing (NLP) research. Today, Datenna received…

Big steps taken to improve IP protection

Property rights are at the very core of functional market economies. And in the modern economy that is increasingly more reliant on information and knowledge,…

Datenna receives R&D tax credit status

For the second time Datenna received the status of high-tech company eligible for WBSO (R&D tax credit) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate…