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Datenna tracks information on all R&D funding granted by the Chinese government, and those entities that were awarded the funds. Recipients of funding are made easily searchable by the platform, as are specific R&D programs



Our intelligence platform enables users to map innovation hotspots in China and identify ideal research partners. It also helps to identify which researchers and universities can be a potential match for future research collaboration projects.

By harnessing the power of open-source intelligence, Datenna’s platform allows the user to map innovation hotspots in China and identify ideal research partners, whether they are institutes or individuals. The information the platform provides will help pinpoint researchers and universities with the optimum research alignment for collaborative projects. Additionally, these insights can be used to gather appropriate information when preparing to receive a delegation or getting in contact with a new institute or research individual.

Datenna’s platform contains complete, detailed information on Chinese research institutes, the academic specialisation of Chinese researchers, projects, publications, and sources of government R&D funding received by these Chinese entities. In this way, the best academic partner can easily be identified, and fruitful collaboration can be established.

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The platform provides detailed insights in Chinese academic funding and innovation trends for every sector and every technology.  Tracking new trends within the Chinese innovation landscape has never been easier.

The intelligence tool provides complete, detailed information on Chinese government R&D funding in every scientific field and every technology. The platform includes extensive data points on topic such as research projects, funding streams, patents, and fields of specialisation. The range of intuitive visualisations for all innovation hotspots and technological research make recognising new trends within the Chinese innovation landscape a simple and quick process.

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Research and

The platform provides access to complete, detailed, traceable information on Chinese institutes, research projects, all connected funding programmes, and government R&D funding.

Datenna’s open-source intelligence tools deliver complete, accurate information on all R&D funding flows of the Chinese government into thousands of Chinese institutes, research projects, funding programmes and all associated researchers. It provides an extensive overview of the innovation landscape in China and allows for the identification of trends and new technological developments in the country. In addition, various visualisations make it easy to detect funding trends, whether it is the amounts or the parties that have received said R&D funding over time.

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Analyse Research Trends

Carry out comprehensive trend analyses based upon accurate data on Chinese funding for allocated for R&D activities in advanced and emerging technologies.

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