Innovation Intelligence

There are numerous innovation hotspots that are driving economic growth in China. Top talent, resources and favourable government investment policies are the major factors energizing these hotspots. This economic prosperity presents chances for business.

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The Innovation Landscape

The academic research world in China is closely interlinked with private R&D activities. New innovations often start at universities and key laboratories. What research is your Chinese competition commencing? Are your R&D and investment strategy aligned with the current state of the art? Scientific research in China is booming and will continue to grow rapidly. You can use the Datenna platform to find trends in the Chinese innovation landscape, and locate the innovation hotspots for your market.

Trace innovation Funding

Tap into a huge amount of information with our platform. China is a country which spends billions on research funds every year. The country’s industrial policy is closely interlinked with the flow of these budgets. Datenna provides enterprises the ability to follow the government funding of research. Find out which researchers or universities are going to get funded and which competitors are part of R&D programs. Improve your sales leads and prepare your organisation for the trends of the future.

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Locate Hotspots Directly

Written reports with static information can no longer compete in the age of data explosion. On-demand innovation intelligence has become a necessity. With Datenna you get instant access to crucial data on hundreds of thousands of funded research projects using our online SaaS platform. Powered by artificial intelligence and China expertise we constantly collect, categorize and translate Chinese academic funding data. Cut weeks from your market research and save money and time. Utilize our data to act now.

What we can offer your organisation:

Analyse research trends for every technology

Information on thousands of funded research projects

On-demand innovation intelligence

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Locate innovation hotspots for any technology