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Datenna provides data-driven intelligence for governments to easily analyse real-world data on the Chinese industry and innovation landscape. By harnessing the power of automated data curation processes and algorithms, the platform has standardised and translated millions of data points and the trillions of connections between them.


Economic Intelligence

Datenna tracks billions worth of research funding granted by the Chinese government, and provides extensive data on thousands of research institutes and projects. Users gain unparalleled insights into the Chinese innovation landscape.

The data-driven platform offers information on all Chinese academic and commercial research funding granted by the Chinese government, and the entities that have received these grants. The platform helps you establish which researchers or universities received fundings and which of your competitors are connected to strategic R&D programs. Rather than merely providing raw datasets,  Datenna equips you with the best market research tools – constantly collecting, structuring, and analysing data on Chinese research funding.

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Innovation intelligence

Datenna tracks information on all research funding granted by the Chinese government, and provides extensive data on the Chinese innovation landscape and new technological developments.

The intelligence platform offers information on all Chinese research and development funding granted by the government, and the academic institutes and researchers who have received these grants. This collection of extensive data provides the user with in-depth insights on China’s academic landscape and technological development. This helps the user explore Chinese innovation, conduct detailed trend analyses, identify academic cooperation partners,  discover the background and specialisation of Chinese researchers and institutes, and more.

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Economic security

Datenna tracks all company and institute backgrounds, connections, ownership structures, and more. This allows for thorough analysis on the real Chinese end-users and any related potential security risks.

Datenna’s platform provides all necessary data-insights to know who the Chinese business or academic entity exactly is. The platform has extensive data on the company or institute’s background, connections, ownership, and more. This allows for an accurate assessment on whether economic relations with these Chinese entities bring along potential risks, such as unwanted technology transfer in sensitive technologies.

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