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Conducting Research on China Made Easy

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Investigate millions of Chinese companies

  • Search through all Chinese companies
  • Use powerful filters to narrow down your search
  • View full company details, including Chinese source text
  • Visualise and explore ownership structures
  • Unveil Chinese state influence in companies
  • Securely hosted and served from the EU

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Discover state influence and the real UBO

  • Includes all Chinese government entities
  • Find connections that others cannot
  • Advanced algorithms that support your decisions
  • All companies are connected to their shareholders
  • Uncover true controlling owners (UBO)
  • Visual feedback on state influence

A secure and efficient platform

  • Supports your team to screen Chinese investments in minutes rather than months
  • State-of-the-art data platform with unparalled search funcionality
  • Easy to use and intuitive software
  • Secure SaaS platform or on-premise installation
  • Fully encrypted data storage
  • No logging of sensitive user data

Track research and innovation activities of companies