FDI Screening Solution

Conforming to EU Investment Screening Regulations is important; preserving economic security is vital.
Our data platform covers every aspect of an effective screening process.

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Connecting the dots

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows from China have increased in recent years. In 2019 it amounted to a total of about $110.6 billion. Without the right tools, analyzing these investments is outright impossible. Transactions are often not transparent because ownership structures of Chinese enterprises are complicated and frequently exceed 10 layers of investors. Besides shared ownership our CUBO database also shows all connections between directors and board members and the companies they serve. Our unique FDI screening solution provides direct insight in all ownership structures and how they are connected. 

Identify the UBO

Identifying the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) is crucial for screening on topics such as money-laundering, terrorism financing and undisclosed government influence. An UBO is a natural person or organisation who is the ultimate beneficiary of the company on whose behalf a transaction is conducted. 

The multi-layered holding structures that are often seen in China’s industry make it difficult to identify the real UBO. Screening a transaction is therefore infeasible without complete data. The Datenna CUBO database maps all enterprises relevant in a transaction. This can range up to hundreds of beneficiaries, which are often also interconnected amongst themselves. 

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Improve screening capabilities

As a full-service provider for China FDI screening, our platform can trace the UBOs of all companies in China. Our state of the art database is AI-driven and continuously updated. Using manual and automated data curation processes and algorithms, we have standardised, corrected, linked and translated millions of data points. This way we provide you with a seamless and quick screening process. Besides unique data we also offer our expertise through customized projects.

What we can offer your organisation:

Instant mapping of multi-layered holding structures

Seamless and quick FDI screening process

Fast and accurate identification of UBO's

Tailor-made services adjusted to your preferences

China-EU FDI Radar

To display the capacity of our CUBO database, Datenna has created an ongoing research initiative investigating Chinese state-influenced acquisitions in the EU. The aim is to provide greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe and the links with the Chinese government. It currently covers the period from 2010 to the present. Our findings are displayed on an interactive map.

The map utilizes our CUBO database to establish the degree of governmental influence in the acquiring company. It will be continuously updated.