FDI Screening Solution

Conforming to EU Investment Screening Regulations is important; preserving economic security is vital.
Our data-driven intelligence platform covers every aspect of an effective screening process.

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Importance of investment screening

A rapid increase in foreign direct investments in Europe over the last decade has made countries more aware of the threat this practice carries. Since most governments can recognise an instance of ill-intended investments in their countries, ensuring countries are equipped to thoroughly screen investments to prevent this in the future is crucial.

Why China is different

With a strong increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows over the years, reaching a total of about $110.6 billion in 2019, investments from China are amongst the highest in value.

Without the right tools, analysing these investments is outright impossible. Transactions are often not transparent because ownership structures of Chinese enterprises are complicated and frequently exceed 10 layers of investors. Making it extremely difficult for ministries to manually find the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of an investment. By not being able to obtain the full picture of Chinese investors, ministries cannot adequately perform risk analyses.

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Improve screening capabilities

To be able to research Chinese companies and institutions more thoroughly and faster, Datenna developed a data-driven intelligence platform. Our database maps ownership structures, investments, connections between directors and board members, and more from all registered Chinese entities. 

Additionally, the platform’s interactive interface makes it easier to understand the vast amount of data that is being provided and allows for easy export functionalities. By using our platform, users will be better equipped to obtain the full picture of Chinese investors and to determine the risks of an investment.

What we can offer your organisation:

Instant mapping of multi-layered ownership structures

Seamless and quick FDI screening process

Fast and accurate identification of UBO's

Tailor-made services adjusted to your preferences

China-EU FDI Radar

To display the capacity of our CUBO database, Datenna has created an ongoing research initiative investigating Chinese state-influenced acquisitions in the EU. The aim is to provide greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe and the links with the Chinese government. It currently covers the period from 2010 to the present. Our findings are displayed on an interactive map.

The map utilizes our CUBO database to establish the degree of governmental influence in the acquiring company. It will be continuously updated.