Datenna provides an insight into research previously done for other companies and government agencies. These cases have mainly been done as consultancy projects. Explore the depths of information Datenna can acquire with assistance of our databases. These cases have been published with permission of the implicated client. For inquiry about our services please contact us.

Chinese State Key Laboratories

Chinese State Key Laboratories (国家重点实验室) are laboratories which are connected to universities and private companies who receive funding and administrative support from the central government of China. Find out more about these institutes on which relatively little information can be found.

Advanced Fibers

China is investing massively in advanced materials, especially in R&D related to new fibers. For one of our clients, we scanned for possible competitors, their level of technology, and whom they cooperate with. We gave insight into the related industry policy of the central government, and we identified trends in filed patents and R&D projects.

Tsinghua Unigroup

China really spends more money on buying integrated circuits (ICs, or ‘chips’) abroad than it does on crude oil. This is not because they don’t import a lot of oil, in fact they are the largest net importer of crude oil, nor because the oil price is low now (China also spent more money on ICs in previous years). China needs these chips to produce smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. To change this situation China is spending a lot on its IC industry. We picked out one specific company to have a look at: Tsinghua Unigroup.

Patent Statistics

The amount of domestic granted patents in 2015 was a huge 100,000 increase from 2014. This increase was noticed by Datenna, after which we decided to research this phenomenon. Besides comparing provinces, we also looked at municipalities, as their patent statistics are not included in any province. A municipality is the highest level classification for cities used by China. These cities have the same rank as provinces and form part of the first tier of administrative divisions of China. Currently, there are four municipalities: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing.