Tax and Transfer Pricing

Companies operating in multiple countries must comply with legal requirements concerning transfer pricing. China is not a member of  the OECD, however as a member of the G20 China is still actively involved in the development of the BEPS-13 action plan. Therefore, dealing with adjusted regulations and interpreting them can be a challenge. 

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Comply with legislation

The BEPS-13 action plan provides a template for multinational enterprises (MNEs) to report annually. They are required to provide information regarding each tax jurisdiction in which they conduct business. Accordingly, if a company  owns a subsidiary of some kind in China, they must comply with the action plan and provide a Country-by-Country (CbC) Report.

Full-Service Data Source

As a provider for transfer pricing services, acquiring the necessary data can prove difficult. To make sound decicions  an organisation needs the right inputs. With our platform we provide direct insights in complex corporate structures and credit risk assessments. Increase the efficiency of your workflow by utilizing Datenna’s services. With an AI-driven database on every company in China, we can assist you in the process of transfer pricing. Decrease your lead time and help more clients. 

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What we can offer your organisation:

  • Comply with ever-changing legislature
  • Decrease the time performing research
  • Instant access to all necessary datasets