What makes our team truly unique? It is the combination of experience, expertise and enthusiasm. Both our CEO and CTO have a software engineering background. After working for a Dutch search engine, our CEO became a Dutch diplomat, living and working in China for almost 15 years, tracking its scientific and technological development since 2005. Our CTO is a data scientist and experienced full-stack software developer with a true passion for information systems. Add to this a group of eager engineers, and you have Datenna.

Before Datenna, we experienced the challenge of getting data about innovation and industry in China. Given our backgrounds, we decided to use data science to solve this problem. Combining our domain expertise with natural language language (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technology, we help our customers to quickly get useful data and insights about China, enabling them to focus on customer or partner opportunities and strategic decision making.

When we are taking an inspirational break from our screens and meetings, we enjoy the office pinball machine, the communal lunches and office drinks, or the ever overdue plant watering. Our mission is to revolutionise innovation & industry intelligence.

Every day, we enjoy exploring new ways to improve our SaaS platform to deliver even better data about Chinese research institutes, universities and companies. Going from a manual process with spreadsheets and reports, to an online system that automatically delivers information and insights. This enables us to provide China technology market intelligence like no other firm can.

We are living in the ‘information explosion’ age. The amount of data being created by companies, people and things is increasing sharply, and the amount of noise is increasing even faster.

Finding signals in that data is a repetitive job best left to computers. Especially with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), computers are quickly becoming better equipped to read vast volumes of text and quickly search for connections.

We use anonymised statistics to improve our systems. This is an inherent part of any ‘machine learning’ system, where software algorithms improve their performance and output based on input and feedback from the user.

Selling or distributing data from our clients is not our business model, and is therefore something we will never do.

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