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At Datenna, we welcome you and your true self. We will always look for your added value, not a copy of ourselves. We value diversity and inclusiveness, as we believe that people with different backgrounds can create the best solutions for our customers together.

Our ultimate goal is to bring people worldwide closer together by minimising the information gap between China and the rest of the world. This we do by delivering the world’s best data-driven intelligence platform on China’s industry and innovation landscape. With our work, we create more transparency, and make a major, positive impact on the decision-making of governments when looking at China.

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We believe that learning from, and together with, each other is essential and contributes to success.


Innovative TechTo be able to deliver such a ground-breaking tool, we have conducted a lot of technical research, which has led to an outstanding, next level product supported by state-of-the-art technology on data and software intelligence. Our extensive, detailed China research enriches our platform with the expert knowledge that is necessary to have it all make sense, and to know what information a government needs to make well-informed policy-decisions.


Our TeamMaking this work is not possible without having the right people in place, and working together in an effective, strong team. Our company is built on intelligent, passionate people with a variety of backgrounds and roles. Overall, it is the synergy between our highly skilled developers, knowledgeable China experts and talented market and business specialists that allows Datenna to accomplish great things and rapidly grow far beyond the status of a start-up.


Our ValuesWe value honesty, ambition, high standards and solid teamwork, as these are core to achieving the best results. We are eager to achieve great things and dream big, but we stay humble. With us, there is no place for big egos. Yet, we have a mindset focused on growth and our clients are always our number one priority. Integrity is natural to us, and we make no compromises in this regard.


Personal GrowthWhen you join the Datenna team you will instantly get a great deal of responsibility. Instead of traditional career ladders, we celebrate individuals’ strengths, skills, and interests, from your first interview to your long-term trajectory. This goes along with a lot of room for growth and development within your role, and the ability to discover where you fit best in the company. We believe that learning from, and together with, each other is essential and contributes to success.


Our OfficeIn our lively office, we provide state-of-the art equipment, super-fast internet and quiet rooms for optimal focus. Depending on your wishes, we have different working spots - from desk to beanbag.  During breaks we have a company-provided (healthy) lunch, we go for a walk through the city centre of the digital-technology-hub Eindhoven, or we ease our minds with some table-tennis or a good cup of coffee. 

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