Working at Datenna


At Datenna, we build tools to create better information flows between China and the rest of the world. Our goal is to create transparency and deliver the world’s best intelligence platforms on industry and innovation data in China.



Datenna is the world’s leading provider of science, innovation and industry data on China. We strive to minimise the information
imbalance between China and the rest of the world. By helping governments be better informed about the Chinese market, better policy decisions can be made and uninformed decision making can be avoided. 

In order to realise this, we use automated data curation processes and algorithms to standardise, correct, link and translate millions of data points. This results in the creation of multiple data platforms that are used daily to make decisions on important China-related topics, such as to allow foreign investments or not.

As more and more governments are using our platforms, we are expanding to meet their demands and to realise the creation of even better data platforms. To achieve this, we are looking for experts who thrive in a quick-paced and innovative work environment.


We are ambitious, social and enthusiastic experts. Either fully into data science, software engineering, machine learning, or know everything about China. What we all have in common is our passion for technology and using that to provide the best data-driven China knowledge systems imaginable. Teamwork, independency and taking up responsibilities are essential in our daily work.

All of our team members contribute to the data-driven knowledge services. Datenna’s intelligence platforms are used daily by governments to make decisions on important China-related topics. Therefore, no matter which role you prefer, you will contribute in creating transparency and help governments in making better policy decisions.


From day one you will make a difference, as you will get a great deal of responsibility. And most importantly, you will be in control of making your job the coolest job you’ve ever had.Would you be eager to create a completely new screening platform, analyse Chinese data sources, decide on visual front-end choices or help us develop our data systems with machine learning?

Or are you maybe one of our China gurus? Who wants to convince governments worldwide of our unique services, independently conduct China-related research projects or help discuss the information demands and needs of customers? 

Then, have a look at our job openings! No matter what drives you, you will make a contribution in solving the information imbalance between China and the rest of the world!