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Datenna China OSINT

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At Datenna we believe in the need to maintain global stability in the interest of peace and prosperity. To ensure this, governments require the right tools. This is especially true when facing the China Challenge. By harnessing the power of OSINT, Datenna equips governments with a data-driven intelligence platform to do precisely this.

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In an age saturated with data, Datenna delivers intelligence solutions to governments worldwide for economic and national security. With our AI-powered intelligence platform, governments can explore the hidden connections between China’s complete corporate, academic and technological landscape.


Delivering clarity in a data-saturated environment presents a considerable challenge. No more so true than for governments. Datenna seeks to harness this abundant and publicly available information, translate it into open-source intelligence (OSINT), and deliver it to governments worldwide in a manner that is meaningful and in a form that is actionable.

Our user-friendly OSINT platform is able to trace connections between over 40 million Chinese companies, 10.000 research institutes and over half a million government-funded research projects. Datenna’s software developers are constantly enriching our platform through standardising, correcting, linking, and translating millions of data points and the trillions of interconnections between them. With this information, we assist governments worldwide in facing the China Challenge.

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Datenna identifies hidden connections in China’s corporate, academic and technological landscape


Datenna is constantly conducting research projects for government clients worldwide. Our research is well-known because of our on-going public initiatives which are aimed at providing greater transparency on China’s corporate, academic and technological landscape.

Our Radars are a prime example of how we translate publicly available information into real intelligence. Examples of these are Chinese FDI into Europe and the US, European and US Joint Ventures in China and our China Defence Radar.

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