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Datenna China OSINT

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By harnessing the power of open-source intelligence, Datenna has created a data-driven economic intelligence platform to assist governments in closing the information gap between China and the rest of the world.

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Datenna’s data-driven platform offers the most complete, reliable and traceable China Economic Intelligence. Our user-friendly interface eradicates the difficulties felt by policymakers across the globe who are responsible for making decisions that affect economic relations with China. By automating data curation processes and refining it with algorithmic reasoning, we standardise, correct, link, and translate millions of data points and the trillions of interconnections between them. With this information, we assist governments worldwide in conducting in-depth research on the Chinese industry, innovation and academia in an efficient and reliable fashion.

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Datenna is key in any kind of research on Chinese economic activities and technological developments.


Our public, interactive radars are on-going initiatives aimed at providing greater transparency on Chinese FDI into Europe, and European investments into China. The different radars map out all Chinese FDI into Europe (750+ acquisitions from 2010 to present), and all EU-CN Joint Ventures in China (with a total investment value of 82 billion euros). These topics are analysed and provide insights into factors such as the level of state-influence, and ultimate beneficial ownership of the entities.

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