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Solving The China Data Problem

Find Academic Customers

Find out who needs your scientific equipment the most and who has the budget

Locate Innovation Hotspots

Find out what and where are the innovation hot spots, trending topics, and R&D budgets per sector

Check Companies

Check businesses in China for industry, company registration, ownership structure and more

Find your next customer in China

Boost your sales by tapping into an enormous pool of potential new customers: China’s science funding receivers.

Insights into Chinese industry & innovation

What research is your Chinese competition commencing? Are your R&D and investment strategy aligned with the current state of the art?

A data platform powered by artificial intelligence and domain expertise

No more outdated market reports or long consultancy processes. Cut weeks from your market research and save money and time!

About Datenna – What we do

The Datenna platform has more than €30 billion of funding indexed

EU Funded Artificial Intelligence

Datenna’s platform is build upon research and technology developed with funding from the Dutch government (Automated Chinese Industry Data) and the European government (ITEA).

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