Datenna is a company with years of knowledge and expertise when it comes to mapping industries in China. This knowledge should not be kept secret. Explore our catalogue of resources and see what Datenna can do for your organisation.

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White Papers

Datenna has researched a multitude of important matters in the Chinese economical, financial and innovation landscape. This collection of White Papers, created by our own industry experts, provides valuable insights helpful to government agencies, companies and researchers alike. They are free to download.

Acquisition Cases

As part of our ongoing research initiative concerning Chinese acquisitions in Europe, Datenna decided to highlight the most remarkable cases. Here you can find acquisitions in which a European company, usually involved with crucial technology, indirectly or directly fell in the hands of the Chinese State Council.

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A showcase of research publications done in the last few years. Get a glimpse of the capabilities of Datenna and explore our research. The articles include interactive maps that are useful to professionals.

Industry blog

Our blog is updated once every week. It includes articles concerning important market developments in China. The articles are written by our team. The information is acquired by research of our own or other relevant industry reports. For a weekly update on Chinese industries please sign up and the article will be send to your email.

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