From Opacity to Insight

Use Datenna’s China techno-economic intelligence platform to gain knowledge and understanding for superior decision making. The Datenna platform is the ultimate resource to address the challenge of accessing unfiltered, uncensored insights on China.

Industry Intelligence

A unique view into China’s capabilities in any industry.

Western policymakers grapple with the implications of increasingly capable, innovative, and successful Chinese companies every day. Ensuring fair competition, safeguarding intellectual property, and understanding the impact of Chinese rules and regulations are but a few of the challenges. Assessing China’s overall capabilities in any given sector or industry is even more daunting.

Datenna’s techno-economic intelligence platform provides unique insights into China’s capabilities in any industry, from evaluating how and where R&D funds are spent, what spin-off companies are created, and how companies and universities support military-civil fusion, dual circulation, and tech indigenization policies.

Technology Intelligence

Comprehensive in-depth data on research efforts by key Chinese entities and individuals.

Technologies—as enablers of economic, political, and military power—are at the center of strategic competition. Understanding where and how technological innovation happens in China is crucial for informed policymaking for economic competitiveness and national security.

Datenna’s techno-economic intelligence platform offers comprehensive insight into research efforts by key entities and individuals, tracks hundreds of billions in R&D investments from inception to commercialization and provides novel insight into People’s Liberation Army procurements.

Entity Intelligence

A one-of-a-kind database with in-depth data on over 40 million companies.

Hidden links between Chinese companies, universities, and research institutes with China’s national security and military organizations pose outsized risk to foreign governments and corporations. Uncovering these links proactively and early present policymakers with new opportunities and capabilities for policy measures in areas of economic statecraft, knowledge security, and national security.

Datenna’s techno-economic intelligence platform provides unique insights into China’s over 40 million companies: their operations, structure, shareholders, key executives, investments, and their party-state linkages.

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