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At Datenna, we ensure a safe and prosperous world where decision-makers are empowered with actionable intelligence. By employing China expertise with open-source intelligence (OSINT) and AI, we deliver governments unparalleled insights into China's techno-economic ecosystem.

Datenna recognised the necessity for a different approach to solve the information imbalance with China that governments are facing, powered by a data-driven model. We looked at how governments were screening Chinese investments, performing export control and tracking technology developments and discovered that with existing technologies and databases, it was impossible to obtain the complete picture of the fast moving reality in China. We knew it would take a special company to tackle this challenge. A company built by software engineers, together with China experts and data scientists. That is why we started Datenna.

Using manual and automated data curation processes and algorithms, Datenna has standardised, corrected, linked, and translated millions of data points. By combining all these data points and making them accessible through our intuitive user-friendly platform, Datenna is the new standard into research on China’s economic evolution and technological innovation.

We continuously improve and refine our software and data pipelines. We’ve assembled a team that combines expertise in search engine technology, data science, data engineering and UX with China experts who make it possible to transform data into intelligence. Continual improvement and a firm belief that OSINT is the cornerstone of modern statecraft stand as first principles for the entire company.

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