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China Defence


About the radar

Datenna’s China Defence Radar is a research initiative that provides greater clarity into the complex networks and often hidden connections between Chinese state-owned Defence Conglomerates and an entire network of subsidiaries, suppliers and personnel. We track the ten military-industrial conglomerates that form the backbone of China’s national defence industry. The complete, traceable information we collate on this sprawling network of actors is essential for governments around the world seeking to prevent the unwanted supply of goods and technologies to defence-related entities in China.


Hidden military links

Several sources have tried to map these networks, but Datenna has offered the most ambitious project on the topic yet. By visualising the intricate links between the many actors in the Chinese defence industry, Datenna’s new China Defence Radar maps thousands of data points – accurately depicting China’s defence industry in the process. The information it contains is complete, traceable, and verifiable. By analysing the connections between these defence-related entities, the Radar reveals the scale of hidden links between China’s defence industry and civil spheres.


Key conglomerates

Datenna’s Defence Radar focuses on the ten key military-industrial conglomerates. Conglomerates are essential to China’s economy. The Conglomerates consist of the 97 central enterprises (中央企业) directly supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. They are central to driving forward China’s command economy in key industries, including energy, aviation, finance, telecommunications, and transportation.

Datenna’s China Defence Radar focuses on the 10 conglomerates that are internationally recognised as Defence Conglomerates. All ten are directly invested in China’s National Military-Civil Fusion Industry Investment Fund. This Fund, in turn, constitutes the engine room of China’s military-industrial complex – allowing resources, knowledge, and equipment to flow fluidly from enterprises to the country’s defence industry.


Unprecedented insights

Datenna’s Defence Radar shows that international sanction lists only contain a fraction of China’s highly complex defence industry.

We are able to do this by screening a much wider network of entities, providing a full spectrum on which the research is based. Moreover, Datenna’s China expertise ensures the understanding and application of all relevant factors by which a Chinese defence-related entity can be recognised. This makes the China Defence Radar the ultimate solution in identifying the often hidden and unmanageable scope of connections within Chinese organisations.

Our China Defence Radar is only available to relevant government officials.

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