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FDI Radar

About the radar

The China-EU FDI Radar is an on-going research initiative aimed at providing greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe and currently covers nearly 800 acquisitions from 2010 up to the present. The data is made available to the public in an interactive map, which indicates the level of Chinese state-influence for each acquisition. This indication is based on a thorough, multi-level-analysis of the ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) by Datenna.

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Chinese State-influenceOverall, our research showed 277 acquisitions where the Chinese state exudes a high risk of influence (29%). An acquisition with this significant risk amount of government influence means that the ultimate controlling shareholder is part of the Chinese government, for instance the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Additionally, in 87 cases (11%), the risk of state influence is categorized as medium. In these cases, the Chinese government has substantial influence, but might not necessarily be seen as the controlling shareholder. Finally, the majority of the acquisitions (60%) has a low risk of state influence. Therein, the Chinese government has no substantial influence in the acquiring company.

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SectorsWith 83 acquisitions, the machinery sector is shown to be the most appealing to Chinese investors in Europe. Other large categories sectors that attract a large number of Chinese investments are energy, consumer products, automotive, health, electronics and ICT.

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CountriesWith 189 acquisitions, Germany is the country with by far the largest amount of Chinese acquisitions. Other countries attracting a multitude of deals are the UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands, and Sweden.