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Economic Security

/ Datenna economic security

Datenna’s economic intelligence software provides complete, traceable data insights that enable the user to properly understand China’s full corporate and academic ecosystem.



Controlling exports to China is a task increasingly fraught with risk. Datenna’s platform provides complete and accurate information on all Chinese entities, so governments can be confident that the export of strategic, dual-use goods to China does not take place unknowingly.

Hidden connections to the Chinese defence industry via academic, commercial and civil sectors present a variety of risks. It is vital to be aware of such connections when exporting dual-use or military goods to Chinese entities. However, the identification of such links is a complex and longwinded process and it is often even impossible to find all relevant information needed for crucial decision-making. Having access to all the available information is a mission critical for policymakers and screening officers.

With Datenna’s intelligence tool the screening process of Chinese end-users is made easier, more thorough, and efficient as the platform maps out all links between the Chinese industry, academic landscape, and the defence sector. This allows governments worldwide to conduct effective risk assessments on the end-users of dual-use and military goods exported to China. This underwrites efforts to ensure governments’ economic interests and national security. Domestic SMEs ultimately benefit from shorter lead-times and more accurate decisions on exports as a result.

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The capacity for Datenna’s platform to identify any links to the Chinese defence sector equips users with the ability to properly safeguard proprietary knowledge and technologies with dual-use potential.

The insights provided by Datenna’s platform assist governments worldwide in their decision making when formulating policy around knowledge security. It is vital to be aware of potential risks and challenges when engaging unfamiliar Chinese counterparties.

This task is made easy by the platform’s mapping of the entire innovation landscape in China. The platform includes extensive data on the specialisation of research institutes, (dual-use) patents, research projects, publications, researchers, their backgrounds, and recent news.

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Defence Industry

Datenna has extensively mapped out the defense industry – enabling users to quickly identify potential security threats and implement an appropriate policy response.

It is often a difficult process to obtain all information necessary for a complete assessment of potential risks and external threats when building economic relations with China. There is frequently a lack of transparency that contributes to the wide information gap between China and countries around the globe. By harnessing the power of open-source intelligence, Datenna is equipping governments with the tools they need to tackle this issue.

Datenna’s platform includes extensive data that helps in detecting defence links in China’s domestic economy: patent applications, connections to the defence industry and the real end-users are all documented. This helps safeguard important assets and prevents the unwanted technology transfer of sensitive technologies and goods. In this way, governments worldwide can promote safe, healthy economic relations between domestic companies and Chinese counterparts.

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End user identification

Identify and analyse the Chinese end user within seconds by mapping out companies’ shareholders, investments, patent issuing, research and more. 

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