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/ DTN for Economic Security

Datenna’s intelligence Platform provides complete, traceable insights that enable the user to properly map and understand China’s full corporate, academic and technological ecosystem. This equips users with the knowledge required to deal with a broad range of economic security challenges such as export control, investment screening and knowledge security.



Conducting due diligence on strategic exports to China is a task increasingly fraught with risk. Datenna’s Platform provides complete and accurate information on hidden connections between seemingly civil Chinese entities and China’s defence industry. With this information, Datenna enables governments to be confident that the end-user and end-usage of a strategic and dual-use export to China is screened thoroughly.

Hidden connections to the Chinese defence industry via academic and commercial relationships present a variety of risks. It is vital to be aware of such connections when exporting dual-use or military goods to Chinese entities as it can be an indicator of technology transfer. However, the identification of such links is a complex and longwinded process. Often, it is even impossible to find all relevant information needed for crucial decision-making. With Datenna’s Platform, you have access to all the available information in one place, which is essential for policymakers and screening officers.

Our Platform supports the screening process of Chinese end-users – making it easier and more thorough. The ability to properly map the military-civil landscape allows governments worldwide to conduct effective risk assessments on the end-users of dual-use and military goods exported to China. The upshot is shorter lead-times and more accurate, transparent decisions for SMEs who rely on the authorities to process their licence applications. This underwrites efforts by government to balance economic interests and national security.



Analysing potential Chinese investors is a highly sensitive and intricate task for governments across the globe. Too often, it is a task that is also conducted with insufficient information. Datenna’s Platform not only delivers the information governments should have, it traces the crucial - and often hidden - links to the Chinese government and military-civil actors.

While screening incoming investments it is vital to have a solid information position with regards to the potential investor, their Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) and their decision-making processes. Missing out on just one layer of ownership can completely derail efforts to identify UBOs and other crucial connections. Only with access to complete, verifiable information is it possible to identify all opportunities and potential risks that a foreign investor could bring with them.

Datenna’s intelligence Platform provides full insights into complete ownership structures, shareholders, investments, and more, underpinned by traceable open-source intelligence. Besides that, governments can also identify those hidden links that can indicate unwanted state or military influence. Such connections prove vital for interpreting investor behaviour, motivations and strategic interests. With these tools at your disposal, screening processes are better informed, more transparent, and less haphazard. A transition from theoretic working assumptions to actionable intelligence is the result.



In an age of strategic competition, maintaining a competitive technological edge and safeguarding your economy’s most valuable assets is essential. Datenna’s Platform lays bare all state-funded R&D activities in China, identifying the actors, the subject and the outcomes. With access to this knowledge, governments are able to determine which institutes and researchers to collaborate with and those who may prove more problematic.

Much attention in recent times has been paid to unwanted foreign interference in domestic R&D efforts – eroding value for universities and promising companies in the process. The risk of advanced technological capability leakage to China is on the mind of every government. This makes understanding both familiar and unfamiliar Chinese counterparties all the more important.

By using Datenna’s intelligence Platform, governments can instantly identify the most crucial information of engaged Chinese entities in their country. At the aggregate level, our Platform facilitates the evaluation of Chinese technological readiness in critical sectors. These insights assist governments worldwide in their decision making when formulating policy on knowledge security, safeguarding the future value of the domestic economy.