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/ DTN for National Security

In an increasingly uncertain security environment, Datenna delivers data-driven intelligence through an intuitive Platform which assists governments in upholding their national security interests. Disruptive times require disruptive technologies to best assess the impact of the China Challenge on national security. That’s precisely what Datenna delivers.



Isolate and assess China’s Technological Readiness Levels (TRLs) in critical and emerging technologies. Track the innovation cycle from exploratory research backed by state funding all the way through to production and deployment in the military-industrial apparatus.

By analysing Chinese R&D government funding flowing into research institutes and companies, governments can identify technological readiness levels in China in critical and emerging technologies. Our intelligence tool allows the user to search for every scientific field and every single type of technology – equipping governments with a handle on their comparative capabilities.

Moreover, our unique defence labelling mechanism delivers an intuitive filter for technologies and patents that possess possible military applications. With unparalleled access to information on state funding, patents and projects, the technical capabilities of  Chinese industry and academia can be assessed as never before.


Export Control

Identify State and Defence-related end-users, assess the risk for technology transfer and deliver appropriate enforcement and licensing decisions in aid of counter proliferation commitments.

The 30 years following the Cold War brought with them a variety of challenges that raised awareness of the vital need for responsible state supervision of defence exports. More recently, the pervasive effect of deep-tech in our societies has complicated matters. It is has become a critical issue for governments tackle the threat of advanced technologies being deployed for malicious activities.

By using Datenna’s Platform to identify those crucial – and often hidden – links to State and Defence-related actors in China, governments are able to estimate the risk probability of technology exports being exploited for military purposes. The full suite of our data on ownership, investments, key management personnel, patents and procurements allows users to consider a variety of issues: native capability, technological know-how, counter proliferation and so on. As a result, defence export control teams can conduct nuanced analysis to inform licensing processes. This is vital to the protection of national and defence security interests. It also allows governments to uphold their international obligations with regards to counter-proliferation treaties.


Industrial Base

Get a 360 view of China’s defence industrial base. Trace the interconnections between the corporate, academic and technological spheres to develop a full picture of their military, economic and technological capabilities.

China’s commitment to military modernisation and ambition to realise its status as a preeminent military power is well known. This is embodied by China’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy and the activities that this encompasses. Yet governments worldwide are still wrestling with the challenge of mapping this activity. Datenna’s Platform unlocks that blackbox.

Datenna’s intelligence Platform includes extensive data that helps in detecting defence links in China’s domestic economy, such as patent applications, military supply chains and defence-related research projects. Through exploring these crucial connections, governments are helped by safeguarding important assets and they are able to prevent unwanted technology transfer of sensitive technologies and goods. In this way, governments worldwide can quickly respond to emerging threats, while continuing safe, healthy and beneficial economic relations with China.