Our Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform is unparalleled because of its TruthFinder engine which solves the OSINT quality-quantity dichotomy. Normally, OSINT solutions either provide quantity (covering many entities) or quality (offering verified and in-depth information), not both. In contrast, our product covers every aspect of all Chinese entities, verified and traceable.

Our TruthFinder engine has a unique way to check every piece of data in collects. This allows the collection of billions of data points, building trillions of connections and viewing the results from various angles and dimensions in order to identify the intelligence that you need for your task. Datenna’s OSINT platform is built to provide all the necessary data and tools to support you with your investigations and analysis into China’s economic and academic landscape.

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Automated and AI-assisted data-curation processes and algorithms

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Billions of standardised, corrected, linked, and translated datapoints

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Complete, exportable visualisations & graphs

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Unique and continuously updated databases

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User-friendly and interactive interface

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Tailored to your needs and requirements


A plethora of data points about Chinese companies, universities and research institutes and their connections to the government and the defence industry.

Ownership, company profile, commercial activities, financial information research projects, R&D grants and tenders are just a sample of what our OSINT software makes available.