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Most Intelligent China OSINT

Dichotomy Resolution – Datenna’s Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tool solves the OSINT quality-quantity dichotomy. Normally, OSINT solutions either provide quantitative or qualitative information. They can either cover large amounts of data or offer in-depth information on a limited amount of data, but not both. In contrast, our intelligence tool offers a unique TruthFinder Engine and incorporates unique China expertise. In this way, it is able to cover every aspect of China’s corporate, academic and technological landscape, completely verified and traceable.

TruthFinder Engine – Our TruthFinder Engine is able to check every piece of data it compiles. This allows for the collection of billions of data points and building trillions of connections, using our automated and AI-assisted data-curation processes and algorithms. Datenna’s OSINT platform is built to provide all the necessary data and tools to support you with your investigations and analysis into China.


Complete Data

We collect a plethora of data points about Chinese companies, universities and research institutes and their connections to the state and the defence industry. These huge amounts of quantitative data are being displayed in an easy-to-use interface, leading the user towards the most relevant data points for critical decision-making.

Our OSINT intelligence tool collects publicly available information and connects all relevant information to each other in our data lake. With millions, even billions of data points, we can accurately map China’s complete corporate, academic and technological landscape by means of our unique and continuously updated databases. Merely a sample of the information we present to our users are the following: ownership & investment information, commercial activities, business information, management staff, financial information, patents, tenders and public procurements, R&D grants, academic research projects and licenses.


Unparalleled Features

Our team of China experts, data scientists and engineers is constantly in contact with our customers. We tailor our product to your needs and requirements, leading to a unique product with unparalleled features and a user-friendly, interactive and connected interface.

With our intelligence tool, governments can create complete and accurate ownership trees, identify crucial risks with our automatic government and defence link detection system, and visually analyse technological developments in China. Our system allows for complete and exportable visualisation & graphs, a multitude of refinement options, advanced search possibilities and interactive usage to find all hidden connections that can otherwise not be found.