Our collection of research publications provides insights into a variety of topics. Many professionals are concerned with the lack of information available on Chinese industries, markets and influences. The publications report in detail on these matters. Our publications are developed by industry experts and open for view.

China-EU FDI Radar

The China-EU FDI Radar is an on-going research initiative aimed at providing greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe and the links with the Chinese government. It currently covers the period from 2010 to the present. The data is made available to the public in an interactive map, together with an indication on Chinese state-influence based on the ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) analysis.

Chinese State Key Laboratories

Chinese State Key Laboratories (国家重点实验室) are laboratories which are connected to universities and private companies who receive funding and administrative support from the central government of China. Find out more about these institutes on which relatively little information can be found.

Tsinghua Unigroup

China really spends more money on buying integrated circuits (ICs, or ‘chips’) abroad than it does on crude oil. This is not because they don’t import a lot of oil, in fact they are the largest net importer of crude oil, nor because the oil price is low now (China also spent more money on ICs in previous years). China needs these chips to produce smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. To change this situation China is spending a lot on its IC industry. We picked out one specific company to have a look at: Tsinghua Unigroup.