China in the Arctic

As part of our ongoing research into Chinese research projects, Datenna decided to highlight and research remarkable cases in the Arctic region. The report considers the investments made by China between 2002 and 2020.

China’s strategy in the Arctic: Report

In recent years, the Arctic has become a focal point for global attention. Its strategic location, coupled with the accelerating effects of global warming, has opened up new trade routes and unlocked vast reserves of valuable resources. While Arctic states have naturally taken the lead in exploring this frozen frontier, one non-Arctic player has made significant strides in establishing its presence: China.

The Chinese interest in the Arctic is multifaceted and strategically motivated. The nation’s initiatives, from the “Polar Silk Road” connecting China to Europe via Arctic waters to its declaration as a “near-Arctic” state, underscore its ambitions.

Notably, China’s Arctic engagement extends beyond policy and politics. The country’s investment in Arctic research, particularly in polar acoustic technology, reflects its commitment to overcoming the challenges of Arctic exploration. As the Arctic ice continues to recede, China’s role in the region is set to evolve, making it a compelling subject of study and discussion on the global stage. Read our full report: