Welcoming our New Supervisory Board

A Milestone for Growth and Expertise.

The New Supervisory Board:

Inge Bryan, Head of Board

Andy Lürling, Board Member

Michael Lucassen, Board Member

We are thrilled to announce the formation of our new Supervisory Board, a significant milestone in our journey as a leading data analytics and OSINT company. This momentous occasion marks a new chapter in our commitment to excellence and innovation in serving government entities with our SaaS OSINT platform.

Our newly installed board is a powerhouse of diverse expertise, encompassing legal, venture capital, national intelligence, cyber security, AI, and more. Their wealth of knowledge and extensive network is not just a testament to their individual capabilities, but also a beacon guiding our company’s rapid growth and development.

This is more than just an addition to our team; it is a commitment to our clients and partners that we are geared up for accelerated growth, backed by a leadership that understands the intricacies of our domain and the broader market dynamics.

We are confident that with the support of our Supervisory Board, we will continue to innovate, expand, and lead in our industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exhilarating journey of growth and excellence.

Stepping into a New Era of Growth

Following our exciting announcement about our new Supervisory Board formation, Datenna is eager to share further details about our dynamic advancements and future aspirations that make us a standout in the high-tech industry.

At Datenna, we specialize in cutting-edge data analytics and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), particularly focusing on our expansive China intelligence platform. This unique platform empowers governments worldwide, enabling them to manage and mitigate economic and national security risks effectively. Our capabilities are critical in today’s geopolitical landscape, where accurate, timely, and in-depth intelligence is not just valuable – it’s essential.

Our technological prowess is evident in our unparalleled database, the largest of its kind globally. It encompasses comprehensive information on corporate entities in China, research institutions, patents, government research funding, and research projects. This immense repository of data is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of data science.

The backbone of Datenna’s success lies in our state-of-the-art software systems and machine learning algorithms developed by our skilled engineers. These technologies power our scalable data pipelines, transforming vast amounts of data into actionable, understandable insights for our users. It’s this capability that positions Datenna as a leader in the tech industry, setting new standards in OSINT software.

Our team’s expertise extends across national security, tech policy, and deep knowledge of China, supported by our offices in Eindhoven, NL, and Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Our staff’s decades of experience in these critical areas are instrumental in guiding our innovations and strategic direction.

As we continue to invest in data science and AI solutions, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing our OSINT software to meet the evolving needs of our governmental clients. We are not just a tech company; we are a key player in enabling Western democracies to navigate the complex techno-economic landscape of today’s world.

We are on a mission to provide advanced, innovative intelligence sources necessary for techno-democracies to stay ahead of their competitors. Our China OSINT software platform is at the forefront of this mission, offering unrivaled techno-economic intelligence about China. By providing insights into corporate, academic, and defense industries and revealing economic and technological connections, we empower our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed, strategic decisions.

Under the guidance of our CEO, Jaap van Etten, a former Dutch diplomat, and our MD in the US, Martijn Rasser, a former intelligence officer, Datenna is more than just a company; we are a beacon of innovation and excellence in the tech world. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to grow, innovate, and lead. Discover the difference at Datenna, where cutting-edge technology meets critical intelligence for a safer, more informed world.

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