We offer a multitude of China Data Solutions for both commercial and government organisations. Datenna is 100% focused on China, offering our unique data and expertise through tailor-made services as well as our data platform.

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Investment Screening Solutions

Screening Foreign Direct Investment is quick, efficient and accurate using our AI-driven database. Increase your organisation’s efficiency by using our services. Our database contains 30+ million company profiles from businesses in China. This gives us the unique ability to track foreign investments to its beneficial owner.

Export Control

Be successful in international trade by instantly verifying if your export complies with laws and regulations. Be sure that your organisation is exporting products to an authenticated entity. This is exactly what Datenna’s data platform can do for you. Reduce your risk and optimize your export control processes in China by utilizing our services.

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Data-driven China Research

Datenna provides a large selection of useful information that is accessible for everyone. Our library includes White Papers, Acquisition Cases, Publications and other useful resources. The resources are created based on our own research and data platforms.